Petra von Kazinyan, Ego Ballroom, Venice, 2019


Ego Ballroom

Palazzo Zenobio, Venice, Italy

June 2019




As a universal dream symbol, water is commonly connoted with subconsciuos thoughts and emotions. Experiencing the EGO BALLROOM installation by German artist Petra von Kazinyan feels like entering a water dream while being awake: 

The installation captures the manifestation of the ego – open, fluid and porous, it creates its own reality, a fragile construct of surfaces, patterns and dreams. But what is the ego? Something different to everyone. An inconsistently used term with contrasting philosophical, psychological, religious and spiritual connotations. For Petra von Kazinyan, it is mainly characterized by its openness. An enigmatic projection surface, undefined blank space. Transcending the coexistence of fleetingness and eternity, a moment unfolds, and a place becomes a story space; the ego enters the room. 


 (Thirst catalogueLa Biennale di Venezia 2019, Pavilion of People's Republic Bangladesh / Edited by M. Rahman, V. Vannucci)